14th August 2019

2019 update

It’s all go, eh..?

I speak to so many people who cannot believe how quickly the year is disappearing.  I’m definitely someone who comes into their own in spring and summer, finding I have to tough it out through the cold and dark days of autumn and winter.  And yet… I’m trying to make the most of all the seasons and all the time I have.

This year has been amazing for us.  We continue to work with the most brilliant corporate partners and clients, most notably The Art of Work, who generously include us in so much of what they do.  We had a great meeting with our friends Toby and Caroline at Narkan https://narkan.co.uk/.  This has helped inspire us to think about our brand and identity, and to that end we’re now referring to ourselves as LifeBox@Work and LifeBox@Play to ackowledge the fact that we have two strong strands to what we do and who we are.  Our ideas and exploration will eventually be reflected in our online presence, with Narkan’s expert help.

StageWrite has grown this year, which has been a joy.  In May, the festival ran in venues in Bedford and London.  In July, it was part of Bedfringe.  In September this year, we launch the first of our StageWrite season evenings as part of the ongoing artistic programme at The Place.

And looking ahead to next year, we’re just starting some R&D on a fantastic piece of theatre called Responsible Product by writer Chris Loft.  We first discovered this gem of a script in 2016 and I’ve been wanting to produce it ever since.  Looks like it’s finally full steam ahead 🙂