28th July 2013

Confetti – 1 week to go…

So it’s one week to go until Confetti appears as part of the fantastic Bedfringe festival.  If you don’t know much about Bedfringe, it’s 3 weeks of theatre, music, comedy and much more.  Last year we performed The Beast Within by Mike Carter and this year we have the privilege of performing Confetti by up and coming writer, Tim Foley.

DSCF1336        DSCF1352

So how’s it going?  Well, Tim certainly gave us a challenge with this text!  It’s complex, multi-layered, and plays with rhythm and pace.  Glad I’m the director and not having to learn it!!  But these guys are doing a fantastic job and today we had our first audience in to watch (okay, you got me, it was my family and they’re probably a little bit biased but, they gave us some really good constructive feedback).

Intrigued?  Well you should definitely pop along to Hub 2 in the Hurpur Suite and check us out at 4pm, this coming Saturday, 3rd August.  We would love to hear what you think of it.  In the meantime we’re back in the rehearsal room to do some more work on it and polish it up. We can’t wait to discuss it with you after the show.  See you on Saturday….