6th September 2018

Our upcoming Christmas show

After an amazing summer, including a very fun and successful Research and Development week for The Yule Lads, we’re settling into mellow September.  It’s a time to focus on preparations for the show, including the completion of the script and music.  The songs featured have been written especially for the show by singer/songwriter Tim Burns, and are brilliant!!  We’re delighted to be able to announce our cast – joining me (Harri) will be Tom Gadie, Eleanor Ordish and Michael Cummings.

The Yule Lads is an original piece based on Icelandic folklore.  It focuses around a young boy, Tomas, and his mother, Agatha, at Christmas time in Iceland.  Tomas really wants to meet the legendary Yule Lads, thirteen mischievous characters who have never been seen by humans.  Come and find out what happens..!  The story has themes of adventure, family, friendship, overcoming adversity and of course, Christmas.

Dates: 19th-29th December at The Place Theatre, Bradgate Road, Bedford with show times of either 2pm or 6.30pm.  See web site for details and to book: