We work with clients as flexibly as possible, providing actors to support the delivery of content in both virtual and face to face settings.  Please do contact us and we’ll listen to what you’d like, and talk you through the options.


LifeBox has been working with training companies, organisations and healthcare professionals since 2013. We often work on the principle that when we are exploring ideas, there isn’t necessarily a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, and we like to bring a sense of playfulness to the session. This is because when we allow our curious, childlike brain to operate, new ideas begin to flow, we are less resistant, more adventurous and become more creatively productive.


How we work


We work in partnership with clients to create typical crucial conversations that reflect the world of work that the participants inhabit. This allows them to look in, objectively, and see their own behaviours mirrored back to them so that they can begin to reflect on them.


We use theatre in healthcare, education and business to provoke; through the use of actors and forum theatre, participants can replay and shape live action to allow exploration of different ways of developing their crucial conversations to achieve the best possible outcome.


Our actors bridge the worlds of theatre and business, and support you to develop the skills that allow you to become even more inspirational as a leader and communicator.


We believe that you can achieve further levels of excellence in your business as you discover the benefits of working with actors and using the dramatic medium in your learning and development offerings.


Techniques we use

We work with you to find the best solution for your learning needs. Typically, we utilise techniques such as forum theatre, simulation, inner monologue, Day In The Life and one-to-one.

Forum Theatre

Forum Theatre was originally created as a tool for empowering oppressed communities, allowing them to take ownership where they had previously lacked autonomy, and letting their voices be heard.  In the world of business learning and development, it works to heighten the observation powers of participants and gives them the opportunity to take control of the action they’re watching. Imagine having a remote control that allows you to rewind, pause, fast forward or re-play the live action in front of you in real time. Participants can give detailed feedback to the actors in the scene, and explore alternative approaches in order to reach a better outcome, so that an inadequate or merely satisfactory crucial conversation can become a great one.


Simulation, often used in healthcare, involves participants engaging with an actor. Don’t worry… it’s not role play… we know everyone hates that. In simulation, participants just do what they do every day. Learning in simulation takes place in the debrief afterwards. Our actors will work with facilitators to give detailed, non-judgmental feedback to empower individuals to grow in their communication skills.

Inner monologue

This technique allows something that would never usually be possible: participants can hear the internal thoughts of the characters they’re watching in a scene. We can track a conversation to find out what’s going on beneath the surface. Hearing the inner voice confronts participants with their own assumptions and biases and enables fine tuning of initial reactions, leading to richer and more constructive conversations.


In a one-to-one our actors work with individual participants to explore conversations that may be relevant to that individual. From delivering bad news in healthcare to performance managing poor behaviour, rehearsal is the key. Using our actors, we can provide individuals with the opportunity to explore and engage with different responses and allow them to experience a variety of reactions.

Day In The Life

Imagine being able to follow the working life of an individual who’s dealing with many of the same issues that you are, and interacting with different colleagues and stakeholders.  This technique means you can stand outside the action and look into the wider context – rather than being in it yourself, you have the space and thinking time to consider what’s going well, what’s not, and the reasons why.

What people have said about working with us:

“I caught up with five delegates yesterday afternoon who were raving about it and really enjoyed having the space and time to consider this important area of their management. There was particular praise for the format, and the space to discuss different approaches.”
– Will Montgomery, Assistant Head, Bedford School

“You can put yourself in the situation because it is physically in front of you.  It’s not being talked about; it’s being performed” – Session participant

“Loved the actors.  Good to explore emotions and emotional agility” – Session participant

“I liked how nuanced it was [working with actors].  It wasn’t ‘obvious’, so you had to go into it at different levels” – Session participant

“I worked with LifeBox as part of the creation of an online learning resource for nursing students. The experience was extremely positive. The work was interesting to watch in development and the finished product was professional and informative.” – David Mathew, Centre for Learning Excellence, University of Bedfordshire

We’d love to chat to you about what you are looking for. Please contact us for a complimentary consultation.

Some of the clients we have worked with: