6th August 2020

2020 update

What a very different world we’re all trying to navigate..!

Since March so much has changed and, along with the vast majority, we’ve no idea what the picture will be like over the next months.  We’re conscious of the shift to new ways of working and anticipate there will probably be a mix of virtual and face to face in the time to come.  As we all adapt, our LifeBox team is keen to develop approaches that work well in settings where it’s not possible to be there in person.  These can range from filmed resources to live interaction in webinars and on all sorts of different platforms, using whatever tools are available.

During lockdown, we’ve collaborated with our friends at SE Theatre, and with featured StageWrite 2019 writer Martin Keady, to be part of artistic projects bringing new plays to life on Zoom.  I’ve been amazed at how successful it can be to do readings and recordings in this way.  Not only this, but something I’ll term the theatre of Zoom is emerging fast, with playwrights developing scripts specifically for performance in the virtual space.  My experience of it so far has been compelling and a real eye-opener.  I feel inspired and hopeful.

Harri, 06/08/20

Shot from corporate shoot: Rosalina Lionetti