21st February 2013

Stage Write first night

Stage Write kicked off brilliantly last night with a duo of fast moving, contemporary pieces of theatre by London playwrights Tamara Micner and Andrew Maddock.  As actors in both, Phil and I had an amazing time during the day working with the directors and the rest of the company to explore the texts.  It was fantastic to see how the scripts came to life so quickly on stage, and even in a short rehearsal time we felt ourselves engaging with the characters, plot and themes in a way that made us think how much we’d like to be able to work more on these texts, and see where they could go in full production.  After each performance, the audience had the opportunity to ask questions and the writers invited comments and feedback, and also gave us insight into what their inspiration was for writing these plays.  This was fascinating because it is so rare to get the chance to talk to playwrights immediately after experiencing their work, and it allowed us to hear some of their background, experience and reasons for writing.  If you missed out, there are three more evenings of superb new material coming your way – tonight, tomorrow and Saturday – so make sure you’re there for them.  And if you don’t think of yourself as someone who would usually go to a New Writing Festival, give it a try…you just might love it!!