6th August 2020

2020 update

What a very different world we’re all trying to navigate..! Since March so much has changed and, along with the vast majority, we’ve no idea what the picture will be like over the next months.  We’re conscious of the shift … read more »

14th August 2019

2019 update

It’s all go, eh..? I speak to so many people who cannot believe how quickly the year is disappearing.  I’m definitely someone who comes into their own in spring and summer, finding I have to tough it out through the … read more »

8th November 2018

The Yule Lads Creative Team: Katy

We’ve gathered a very lovely and talented bunch of people to make our December production, ‘The Yule Lads’, come to life.  Here’s an introduction to artist and illustrator Katy Dynes, who created the original art work for our publicity.  We’ve … read more »

10th October 2018

I have a voice…

In spite of being a writer, I find myself frequently feeling like I don’t have a voice; that I’m somehow not relevant or that I haven’t experienced enough heartache or whatever my inner critic is deciding to tell me today.  … read more »

6th September 2018

Our upcoming Christmas show

After an amazing summer, including a very fun and successful Research and Development week for The Yule Lads, we’re settling into mellow September.  It’s a time to focus on preparations for the show, including the completion of the script and … read more »

29th May 2018

Icelandic inspiration

I don’t half love summer.  How marvellous it is to see the sun again!!  It had been a while… We’re relishing the warmer months and the fact that we don’t keep having to fill hot water bottles and wear five … read more »

29th January 2018

What’s new, LifeBox?

Well, let me tell you! With the approach of spring, we’re feeling our energy levels start to increase and are looking forward to 2018’s opportunities.  We’re especially delighted to welcome two new associates on board.  They are Miranda Shamiso and … read more »

8th February 2017

Hello 2017!

I admit that winter time isn’t exactly my finest hour – but with the approach of spring and the promise of more light at each end of the day, I’m feeling  a pretty marvellous sense of anticipation.  This is in … read more »